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Immediate implant with guided surgery and immediate provisional crown

This case involved the replacement of a central incisor with immediate implant placement and immediate provisional crown. The whole procedure was performed using a fully digital workflow. At the time of surgery, the provisional crown did not fit properly because the temporary abutment was overcontoured, which had not been previously planned. Six weeks after surgery the patient had soft tissue inflammation and crown mobility (which was resolved by retightening the screw).

“The whole procedure was performed using a fully digital workflow.”

The final result was achieved with a screw-retained metal-ceramic crown. The speaker highlighted that the main goal of this technique was to maintain the aesthetics, instead of recreating them. It has already been shown that highly predictable results in terms of tissue stability can be achieved with this technique (Arora et al. 2017). A digital workflow can improve efficiency and reduce chair-side time. However, the speaker emphasised that careful case selection together with operator experience are the most important factors for success.