Implant indications


Are there any contraindications for cantilevers? If cantilevers are used cautiously, they can work properly even in patients with bruxism, provided that they are used in incisors and the premolar zone, and are always placed to the mesial side to match the direction of occlusal forces.

Is resorption an unavoidable issue in tooth transplantation? The rate of resorption is about 15%. The fewer injuries in the periodontium, the less resorption we see. That is why a precise pre-treatment plan following a guided osteotomy during autotransplantation is highly recommended in the future.

What is the best way to keep a transplanted tooth in place? Non-rigid methods can keep the tooth fixed in its new position while maintaining slight mobility for the tooth during the healing period. Sutures crossing the occlusal plane are mostly recommended and should be removed after 7–10 days (except in cases involving severe bone defects, where removal should be delayed to 2–3 weeks).

In autotransplantation, is GBR recommended to for improving local conditions? No bone substitutes should be used when transplanting a tooth. The regenerative capacity of the vital periodontium means that substitutes are not needed.

What would you do in a case involving a teenager who had lost an upper central incisor?