Implant indications

It seems that a growing number of patients, if given the choice, prefer ceramics over metal for the implant material.

The soft tissue integration, osseointegration and short-term clinical performance of zirconia implants are similar to those of titanium implants.

At present, long-term data confirming recent positive findings for zirconia implants is still lacking.

It has been shown that one-piece zirconia implants have reduced surgical and prosthetic versatility. Reconstructions must be cemented, and the risk of residual cement being left in the sulcus cannot be excluded.

Zirconia implants with a diameter measuring less than 4mm are not recommended, due to the high risk of fracture.

One-piece zirconia implants are indicated mainly in situations where there is good primary stability, shallow gingiva and no need for surgical management of soft tissues.